Monday, October 18, 2010

Thoppil Mohamed Meeraan / Writer

Thoppil Mohamed Meeran, writer, Novelist who made his presence felt in Tamil Novels,brought out the new wave of the nation's sorrows buried over hundred years, anguishes,cryings,rests and all in his writings . He was awarded the Sahithya Academy in the year 1997.

The following is what he said in his interview to Sri Sankara Ramasubramanyam, and Thalavi Sundaram in Tamil about the creation,creator,reader ,fan and 'Sathruthayan'

He says there are only three things for a creation or for any creation;

one the reader
second the fan
third Sathruthayan , a sanskrit word.

Sathruthayan is one in consonance with the creator having the same mind set, both travel in the same path [ both the creator and the sathruthayan ]
In creations, first silences,second intervels,third there is constant search; Sathruthayan is making silence as sound; he fills the gaps among intervals and the same search is created in his mind also like the one in the mind of the creator.

Sathruthayan is not created, he is born on his own, like abiogenous. He is also artist by birth. When the artist and the creator meets, there is the confluence. Till that time the created one never becomes whole.He is the one who bridges the culture and the mind.The reader and the fan may be needed for the sale and purchase of the books of the creations.No TV or any medium can do anything with the sathruthayan.

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