Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dr.Anna , former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Dr.C.N.Annadurai was the first Chief Minister of DMK Party in Tamil Nadu, who unfortunately for the Tamilians lived only one year when he was the Chief Minister, who had been a scholar both in Tamil and English and extempore orator ,writer,actor in dramas,and versatile speaker on many an issue of both India and other countries.

His command over both the languages are known to one and all of his times and scholars alike.
When once he was invited to Annamalai University, one of the Universities of his times,he was asked to speak on any subject , thinking he might select a topic easy to him; Dr.Anna insisted on being given a topic and students preferred him to select.When this was happening , he found someone behind the stage was lighting a cigarette with a spark. Having seen that he started talking and giving oration more than one hour on the topic 'Spark; by then this university was dominated by only Congress people and they thought Anna would be fumbling in English. Contrary to the expectation when he closed the ovation continued for long time.

to be continued

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